Kaytee Frei

Web Developer

Hello there! I'm Kaytee Frei, a web developer located in Central WI. I have a broad range of web skills, but my true passion lies in creating simple and visually appealing experiences.

Tag: jQuery

  1. MVC 5 Ajax.BeginForm doesn't work OOTB

    Over the past few weeks I've been working on converting an existing site (built with MVC 4) to a new project. We've got a new design and are updating from Bootstrap 2.* to Bootstrap 3.*, updating from MVC 4 to MVC 5, and making several other changes to incorporate our…

    jQuery, VisualStudio2013, MVC, MVC 5, Ajax, Ajax.BeginForm, validation, ASP.NET, C#

  2. Scrolling with jQuery

    A bug was brought to my attention the other day on a page where I was using jQuery to animate the scroll position on the page when a certain link was clicked. This type of action is commonly used to help a user quickly get back to the top of…

    jQuery, scrollTop, browser inconsistency, TIL, webkit