Kaytee Frei

Web Developer

Hello there! I'm Kaytee Frei, a web developer located in Central WI. I have a broad range of web skills, but my true passion lies in creating simple and visually appealing experiences.

Is this thing on?

Welcome to my new blogging endeavor! This site is built using the lovely Ghost blogging platform, as well as the free and beautiful Uno theme developed by Dale Anthony.

This is the first time I will be giving blogging an honest attempt since I was required to do it for a class back in college. I've had this domain since then and, up until now, had been running a self-hosted WordPress site on it. Other than the several subdomains I've set up for side projects, my main site has been pretty empty.

One of my current side projects is helping my hometown church maintain their WordPress site (self-hosted), and with that experience I've never been too excited about using WordPress for my own site. When I found out about Ghost and their Markdown integration, I was very intruiged and decided to give it a try. My goal is to keep a record of any fun, interesting, or challenging problems I encounter in the web world (and possibly even the real world too), and if nothing else I'll have a place to come back to if I ever run into the same problem again. So here goes!

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