Kaytee Frei

Web Developer

Hello there! I'm Kaytee Frei, a web developer located in Central WI. I have a broad range of web skills, but my true passion lies in creating simple and visually appealing experiences.

  1. Stepping Into a New Era (Visual Studio 2015, MVC 6, etc)

    If you haven't heard, Visual Studio 2015 RC has been released! Throughout this week I've had the chance to play around with all of the new features and try to get a project up and running that looks similar to our current product site using all of the latest and…

    on MVC, ASP.NET, ASP.NET 5, ASP.NET vNext, MVC 6, git, gulp, sass, node-sass, gulp-sass, npm, bower, git protocol, Visual Studio 2015

  2. MVC 5 Ajax.BeginForm doesn't work OOTB

    Over the past few weeks I've been working on converting an existing site (built with MVC 4) to a new project. We've got a new design and are updating from Bootstrap 2.* to Bootstrap 3.*, updating from MVC 4 to MVC 5, and making several other changes to incorporate our…

    on jQuery, VisualStudio2013, MVC, MVC 5, Ajax, Ajax.BeginForm, validation, ASP.NET, C#

  3. Scrolling with jQuery

    A bug was brought to my attention the other day on a page where I was using jQuery to animate the scroll position on the page when a certain link was clicked. This type of action is commonly used to help a user quickly get back to the top of…

    on jQuery, scrollTop, browser inconsistency, TIL, webkit

  4. Pseudo-element Gotcha

    One of the subtle touches I like to add to the sites I work on is changing the text selection background color and text color. You can override the browser default (white text on blue background) with colors that blend well with your color scheme. To accomplish this you must…

    on CSS, Text selection, Gotcha, pseudo-element

  5. Is this thing on?

    Welcome to my new blogging endeavor! This site is built using the lovely Ghost blogging platform, as well as the free and beautiful Uno theme developed by Dale Anthony. This is the first time I will be giving blogging an honest attempt since I was required to do it for…

    on Welcome, About